Introducing Premium and Ultra-Premium Cannabis Products to Elevate Your Life

The Euphora Collection

Introducing uniquely curated, effects-driven, luxury cannabis products for the discerning consumer to elevate your lifestyle. Launching in 2023, Euphora Brands products will be initially available at select retailers throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

  • Offering classic, legacy strains and modern curated blends
  • Designed for consistent, reliable, targeted effects
  • Superior performance and experiences
  • Lifestyle and wellness focused

Euphora Premium Lifestyle & Wellness Collection

The Euphora premium collection is carefully designed and dedicated to your focus, and achievement, while also enhancing your relaxation, fulfillment and joy offered in flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges and edibles:







Stress Relief






Light Stimulation

Social Enjoyment



Deep Decompression



Pain Relief

Life Elevated. Lifestyle Redefined.

All Euphora products are clean and pure: sustainably grown, environmentally friendly and created from strains carefully chosen to provide consistent, predictable—and desired—effects. Our careful curation results in a superior experience. Euphora premium and ultra-premium brands provide a range of lifestyle outcomes designed to complement a full featured wellness regime. We make use of the natural compounds found in the cannabis plant to provide wellness benefits including energy enhancement, pain management, sleep enhancement, emotional regulation, as well as expanded psychological and recreational benefits.

Euphora Premium Lifestyle and Wellness is dedicated to your personal well-being, achievement, fulfillment and experiences. Euphora Premium Cannabis products are for anyone wishing to enhance their health, wellness, performance or physical well-being whether you are looking to achieve more, do more or want clean products to help maintain the quality of your busy lifestyle. 

UNDR_GRND, curated products for cannasuers and purists featuring rare classics and exclusive cultivars in limited supply runs.



Historical Classic Strains Recreational Use
Pain Management

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Share Your Story

What’s your Euphora? Share your life well lived. 
Whether you are a high achiever, creative, purist, or patient in need of relief we’d love to hear your story and maybe what they are looking for in their cannabis products or something to that effect.

Ultra Premium Line: Underground by Euphora

Limited Production Runs

UNDR_GRND by Euphora starts at the beginning—the genetics of the plant, refined to our specific criteria of authenticity, traceability, provenance, and most importantly, what you wanted: a classics line from well known historical strains in limited production runs for the best of the best. .

ULTRA Premium

UNDR_GRND by Euphora is our ULTRA Premium line and is the result of our focus on cannabis strains with superior genetics. This is a super clean line of cannabis offered in flower, vape cartridges and pre-rolls featuring classic historical strains which have well established terpene and flavor profiles. This line is for the cannabis purist or medicinal user who demands a high level and/or specific cannabinoid profile. For those who want the cleanest, freshest organic cannabis, from time-tested historical strains like OGKush, Durban Poison, this is the line for you!

Highest Quality

• Clean Legacy genetics
• Hand trimmed
• Craft grade
• Made with Attention to finest details
• Small batch processing for highest quality

Available Soon, check back here for retailers in your area

Visit your local cannabis retailer. If they do not yet carry the Euphora Collection: Euphora Premium Lifestyle and Wellness line, or the UNDR_GRND by Euphora ULTRA Premium line, let us know.

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